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About Us

Line-up before one of our many post-coffee drives

The Three Rivers Region is centered around Columbia, SC and was chartered on 7 February 2015. Carved out of the greater Carolinas region of the time, we have more counties of South Carolina than any other single region. The members wanted to have a region that focused on events and drives, not “just dusting off our cars and meeting up for dinner.” That spirit lives on today in our bonds and those of us who still attend Cars and Coffee events through the winter, those of us who daily drive our beautiful machines, those of us who aren’t afraid of taking the road less travelled through The Palmetto State and beyond. We are a region of Friends, of Family, of Partners. Come join us for the ride!

The map provided shows the counties in South Carolina that are included in our region. We welcome members from the Augusta area also, as we are the closest active Region for them.

Three Rivers Region Map